To promote and advance the exciting game of Rugby in Connecticut




We will have two simultaneous tournaments leading to state championships, one for Division 1 and one for Division 2.  

The competition committee will announce final league points standings by Sunday evening of week 7.  In case of a tie in league points, the first tiebreaker will be head to head results in league matches.  The second tiebreaker is points differential (points for minus points against) in league matches.  The third tiebreaker is league points penalties, whereby the team with the lowest number of points deducted over the course of the season for any reason wins.  The fourth tiebreaker is total tries scored in league matches.  The fifth tiebreaker is total points scored in league matches.  The sixth tiebreaker is better disciplinary record (number of yellow cards issued in A-side league matches plus four times the number of red cards issued in A-side league matches).  The seventh tiebreaker is a coin toss by competition committee.  

In case of a three-way (or greater) tie in league points, the tiebreaker sequence listed above will apply, with any team losing in a tiebreaker being eliminated from that contest for determination of standings only.  For example, if three teams were tied in league points standings and all had a 1-1 record against each other, they would all advance to the second tiebreaker, points differential in league play.  If two of the teams had the same differential and the other team had a smaller differential, then the team with the smaller differential is eliminated from that tiebreaker determination and the remaining teams would revert to the head-to-head tiebreaker, which is likely to be conclusive.  ((Note that in such a case the team that got eliminated from the three-way tiebreaker due to a lower points differential would possibly have beaten the team that advances.))  In the event that the head-to-head result is inconclusive (i.e. the two teams that are tied in points differential also tied each other during league play) then the remaining sequence of tiebreakers is used to determine a winner.

Each division will have one round of playoffs for spots in the championship games, involving the four highest seeded teams in terms of overall league points, subject to the tiebreaker procedures detailed above  The semifinal games do not have to be played on a Friday  if one or more of the schools involved have conflicts like proms, graduations, etc.  The teams involved should communicate early if they have any scheduling issues to find a mutually agreeable date.  If both teams are unable to come to agreement, they should refer the matter to the competition committee as soon as possible for adjudication.

The Semifinals will match the 4th seed playing at the 1st seed and the 3d seed playing at the 2d seed.